Walk to work, a new delightful proposition!


Have you ever wondered about the precious time wasted every day, while travelling to the office? Living closer to the workplace has many advantages. You can easily avoid the menace of the traffic snarls or the discomfort of the crowded public transport. In metropolises, the problem is even more severe.

Bangalore, often referred to as the Silicon Valley of India, has been experiencing a steep increase in population since the IT boom. This influx has resulted in an increase in pressure on the transport and civic resources. To ease the traffic congestion, expansion of roads and the construction of metro are in full swing, still living close to the workspace is advisable.

Durga Petals is an opportunity to escape from the menace of the daily commute. With major tech-parks in the vicinity, you live close to your office. Every day you can save time which is otherwise wasted behind the wheel of the car or in public transport. Capitalize upon it by spending more quality time with family and friends or pursue a new hobby, etc. There are umpteen facilities inside Durga Petals’ premises where you can unwind and engage for refreshment.

Walking or cycling to office gives a healthy start to the working day. Regular walks are healthier than sedentary drives in cars or buses. Get back to home within minutes in case of an emergency or just take a break for lunch. Fresh homemade food is healthier and tastier than mundane sandwiches.

Durga Petals is a delight to every resident. Proximity to the workplace is one of the many benefits offered. Plan a visit soon and discover the other benefits.

How Multiple Amenities Add More To Your Purchase .

unnamed.jpgHow Multiple Amenities Add More To Your Purchase

While not as obvious as the location and square area of a project, multiple amenities make the apartments more sought after among buyers. A property at risk of taking a free fall in value due to external, uncontrollable factors, can be sold as a more enticing purchase with multiple amenities.

Here’s how:

  • Caters to all family members

Youngsters want sporting amenities, elders need room for light exercise, and mothers expect a safe play zone for their kids. Multiple amenities like a sand playground, jogging track, and clubhouse at the premises guarantee that everyone’s expectations will be met in a satisfactory way. In return, more kinds of people would be interested in making a purchase.

  • Improves quality of living

As much as the interiors of an apartments matter, life tends to be incomplete without the added touch of luxury facilities. Buyers – no matter their lifestyle choices – want to experience a sense of class in their new home. With amenities like Indoor Basketball and Infinity Swimming Pool available within the premises, making a purchase seems to be almost irresistible!

  • Boosts community spirit

Multiple amenities are a great attraction for people who want apartments catering to their individual needs, while also providing opportunities to interact with like-minded people. Such dedicated facilities are a great space to socialize with neighbors – either with passionate newbies or seasoned enthusiasts – adding community spirit to one’s lifestyle.

  • Increases resale value

At the end of the day, even long-term buyers need to keep in mind how much their apartment will be worth a couple of years down the line. While they might not be looking to sell, there is always the option of getting a mortgage for something else. The presence of multiple amenities makes the prospect of a resale more enticing premise for other buyers.
The Bottom Line

If amenities aren’t important to one ’s lifestyle then perhaps they don’t factor into the apartment purchase. But in order to buy (and sell) smartly, we should always know how much value multiple amenities add to an apartment.

With 60+ state-of-the-art amenities like Infinity Swimming Pool, Work-From-Home Office Cubicles, Synthetic Multipurpose Court, and Putt-Golf Course among others, Durga Petals has the finest 2, 2.5 and 3 BHK luxury Apartments in Marathahalli. Our world-class facilities are designed keeping your urban aspirations in mind, and ensuring you get the most out of your purchase!


Digital Health Enabled Apartment Complex: A Win-Win Deal For Everyone


Finding a good apartment is difficult, but narrowing down on your dream home that is a perfectly suited environment for you and your family could be a hard task to accomplish. It’s imperative that the apartment complex is built to suit all your needs, especially healthcare needs which is the life line of your family.

Healthcare has been focussing on the administrative efficiency and the affordability of treatment for patients. wing to the need for a disruptive healthcare system, Durga’s first Digital Health Enabled Residential complex, Durga Petals provides an unprecedented view into an individual’s personal health choices and physiologic response. This care-enhancing feedback system enables patients to better manage their health, allowing for a more effective collaboration with the clinicians, all while enabling a new information-based innovation.

What Apple did with music, and Amazon did with books, Durga Petals does with the healthcare system. It establishes a highly collaborative, creative space designed to bring together unparalleled network of clinical healthcare professionals working together to make meaningful change in health through scalable and innovative technology.

Situated on the Equator of the IT corridor, Durga Petals is one of a kind residential complex. Enabled with telemedicine facilities on the go, the feature is poised to have a ground-breaking impact on the life quality of the residents regardless of their age group. Let’s understand how.

(Hypothetical situation)

Sameer Arora (39), Vice-President (Flipkart) lives with his wife Bhavna (33), son Abish (7) and father Mohan Arora (71) in a 3 BHK apartment at Durga Petals. He has migraine issues and his father is diabetic.

The relevance of Durga Petals’ Digital Healthcare System for:

Working Professionals: Owing to Sameer’s migraine issues, his physician recommends a diet and an exercise regime, but his busy life and his lack of time to schedule his appointments with his physician deteriorate his health. With the help of Petals Telemedicine Centre, his schedules are set by the telemedicine provider, medicines reach to his doorstep on time, and he gets timely notifications to get his check-ups done regularly.

Children: Abish, son of Sameer gets injured while playing with his friends one fine day, and requires first-aid assistance. The residents report the injury to the Telemedicine Centre, which arranges for medicines from a nearby medical shop prescribed by the doctors digitally and supplies it to their home to help Abish recover sooner.

Durga Petals aims to bring technology to the rescue, scale healthcare, and improve the relationships between the triangle of professionals, institutional facilities, and patients to help them bring a movement of change.

Luxury in the Mind of Today’s Home Buyer


Luxury in the Mind of Today’s Home Buyer

Consumer behavior is a subject that changes with evolving economic trends. Over the years these trends have brought about a considerable change in the buying patterns in India. In the case of funding, buying and several other factors; that include a choice of properties as well.  Luxury today is just another curb in the list of home requirements.

Luxury is a lifestyle in its own

Fancy fittings and elegant design no more define the word luxury anymore. It surely has also gone beyond soaring prices for a higher number of amenities as well. In today’s day and age, a luxury lifestyle simply means; living in a community that provides you with world-class amenities in a hand’s reach. Even more than that, a luxurious, fully equipped and spacious communities not only cater to a home buyer’s present needs; but also takes care of the next generation’s lifestyle requirements.

Luxury is about making the city smaller

The most sought out aspect of luxury a home buyer looks at is the luxury of proximity. Proximity from residence to workplace and from workplace to shopping malls, food joints, movie theatres, healthcare, educational institutions and all other recreational destinations. Every home buyer dreams of staying less than a stone throw away from all the action happening in the city. In short, making the city a smaller place for them to live in.

Luxury is about reducing medical emergencies

An in-house healthcare clinic does do a lot of justice to the word. It diminishes the possibility of any medical emergencies. In a city that faces constant traffic-related problems in every area, this facility can indeed prove to be a blessing in disguise. Given the number of unfortunate deaths caused in the near past. Furthermore, today health care is working towards, achieving the prevention of diseases, more than curing them after its effects. Petals believe in providing the best of care to you and your family.

Thus, luxury is introduced with a whole new definition and is evolving as a concept combined with comfort and over-the-top lifestyle. What do you think might have led to such a shift? Let us know in the comments below.Durga Petals



Durga Petals- The right destination to start a healthy lifestyle


In today’s day and age planning a healthy lifestyle may prove to be extremely challenging; given the number of hours, our jobs leave us with. But would it be right if we take a back seat on the idea, just cause of the time constraint? While some of us may answer in positive, there are a few of us who’d really do anything to keep up a healthy lifestyle. The predominant target audience of this blog, are few of those people who want to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Before going further, lets us understand the need for living a healthy lifestyle, then get into some specifics on how to make our lives healthy. Now that we have listed these questions, let’s try to answer them.

The need for living a healthy lifestyle

In simple words, living a healthy lifestyle helps in maintaining a balance between our mental, physical and emotional being. Furthermore, it helps in leaving a great deal of impact on our self-confidence and daily productivity as well.

Making our daily life more healthy

When you decide to consider a healthy lifestyle, the first fact you need to understand is that you are in for the long run. In other words, living healthy will require you to be ready for a long and painful commitment. Having said that, there are several types of researchers that show that the human body can easily adapt to any changes over time. Listed below are a few points you could consider, while you decide to live a healthier lifestyle.

The first step to follow is to keep a regular check on your daily health

Monthly check-ups are a strict, yes when it comes to living a healthy life. As help you in gauging multiple arrays like BMI, Blood pressure levels, heart rate and another few to name. These check-ups also help you in understanding the issues that need to be addressed if any Inside your body. More like a monthly check-up for vehicles.

Secondly, it is important to find replacements to bad elements we use in our daily life

Every one of us has been smokers and drinkers at some point in life. Maybe at parties or at weddings. Have we ever thought about the dent it leaves in our life when we inhale and smoke from our lungs? Or have we ever thought how weaker every sip of liquor, makes our kidneys and liver? If yes then consider eating or a Nutri bar instead, when you feel the urge to smoke another cigarette.

Amenities to keep you fit at Durga

Not all of us like going to a gym or even eating healthy for that matter. It is true, but that doesn’t mean you can still stay fit. Instead, just try cycling or hiking, or try joining a karate class. This way you will learn a new activity which also helps you to stay healthy.

All those points said and done, cannot be practised or followed on a daily basis. Unless you have the liberty to access them on the go, at Durga Petals we believe in promoting or supporting a healthy living and proving it on the go. With amenities such as a squash court, a Badminton court, and Basketball court, in addition to a play area and free walking spaces; we strive to pay heed to our ideology and belief.

READY-TO-MOVE-IN Apartments: The First Buying Choice

Under-construction properties have been a preferred choice among Indian homebuyers since the past decade. By investing in an under-construction project, a buyer gets to have a brand-new home for himself, at an affordable rate. The buyer also has a grand platter in front of him to choose from. From an investment point of view also, investing in an under-construction unit is more beneficial as the future prospects of a new property will certainly be brighter.durga-blog

However, as project delays became a defining feature of India’s real estate sector over the years, under-construction projects begun to lose their popularity among buyers.  

Data testify the same.

Data shows sale of ready-to-move in properties kept growing in the first half of the current financial year while the sale of under-construction properties fell during the same period.  In the second half of FY17, 16,750 ready-to-move-in units were sold. The number grew to 19,399 in H1 FY18. On the contrary, only 84,408 under-construction properties were sold in H1 FY18 against 94,043 units in H2 FY17. The numbers are based on home sales in nine major cities of the country which include  Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Gurgaon (including Bhiwadi, Dharuhera and Sohna), Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai (including Navi Mumbai and Thane), Noida (including Greater Noida and Yamuna Expressway) and Pune. Data also show that even in under-construction units, buyers are more interested in old projects than newly launched ones.

Essentially, any property that is set to give possession within 6 months of Purchase has become a hot favourite.

Why ORR is the hub of property investment

Choose Eco House

Bangalore, has a multitude of localities that boast various kinds of services and ecosystems. In this city, the Outer Ring Road is one of the most sought after destination for commercial activities. Traditionally, the southern parts of Bangalore have been a residential hub and the outer ring road holds a crucial position due to the access it affords to and from the area. It’s a highly attractive position, boasting the presence of  45 percent of all office spaces that are established each year. This accounts for 5-6million square feet of occupied office space. The road is a prime prospect, due to the honor by association it garners through the many utilities located upon it.

The Outer Ring Road comes to mind as the first choice for office spaces for a number of reasons. The ring road was initially established as a way to address the chronic traffic problems the city faces. The ORR connects all major highways around the city and facilitates access to multiple locations due to the large area it circumscribes. The Central Business District of Bangalore is the area with a radius of 10 kilometers from Vidhan Soudha. This is the main commercial area of Bangalore. The ring road has easy access to this area on a good day with nominal traffic, as well as passing through areas like Koramangala and Whitefield. The ring road banks on this position to hold its value in the city.

Various builders and real estate developers are of the opinion that this highway holds value due to the flexibility of property prices on it over its large range. These are further compounded by the relatively stable economic situation that has been the status quo in this city in recent years. With the confidence resulting from this steady growth in the commercial sector, both global and domestic companies are pushing their boundaries and looking to expand. These range from real estate developers to private organizations.

The initial intent of the ring road’s establishment was soon outgrown by the city, however, which has led to the establishment of other partial ring roads. Other projects which are partially under way and have been touted for expansion are partial ring roads around Bengaluru as a part of the Bangalore-Mysore Infrastructure Corridor project and 3 more around the existing ring road. All these pale in comparison, however, to the integral position that the original ring road holds in the city.

Durga Petals, an upcoming property is located right on this road, and With Sarjapur, Marathahalli, Whitefield, and Hennur all around you at arm′s reach, the position is central and functional. This is considered a crucial spot on the IT corridor of Bangalore and has several specialized amenities and modifications to make it a catch that any IT oriented personnel can not afford to miss out on.

Service Tax & VAT in Real Estate!


Project delays and cancellations are not the only issues that buyers of under-construction properties in India have to worry about. Their mathematical genius would also be put to test at each stage of tax calculations.  It has to be noted that you have to pay the service tax and the value-added tax (VAT) if you are investing in an under-construction property.

If you are buying a home in any city of Karnataka and want to know all about KVAT, you may be in for a fix and will have to use a lot of your imagination to decide which “schedule” the home-buying process falls into. It is all open to interpretation, and even chartered accountants may fail to point in one direction.

For example, your developer may ask you to pay VAT at 5.5 per cent under Schedule III, because material used in construction (bricks, sand, metal, etc.) are kept under this category. However, as the term construction is not clearly mentioned anywhere, you might be charged VAT at 14.5 per cent. This rate applies to things not covered under any schedule. What else? An end note adds that you will have to pay VAT of 14 per cent for “all other works contracts not specified in any of the above categories”. The developer may have his pick unless you carefully read the purchase agreement and ask for a correction.

It has to be noted that VAT is a multi-point levy, charged for any value that is added to a project. In case of real estate, developers have to pay this levy to the state government for the manufacturing part of the work. While the value of the land is excluded, services tax is levied on labour and other services.

Service tax, on the other hand, is a central levy and is uniform across the country and under the composite scheme, your developer will charge you service tax at 3.09 per cent of the total contract value. This means that service tax will be charged at 15 per cent of the total contract value, and if the service costs of the unit is kept at 25 per cent of the total value, you will have to pay the tax at 3.09 per cent.

Essentials for your new home



Find the right decor– choose a decor that blends in the shades of your walls to maintain a healthy symmetry of design in your home.

Interior design– the right interior design will help you portray the best stories of your life

Modular Kitchen- create mouth-watering dishes with a well-equipped kitchen

Comfortable furniture– Don’t forget to add comfy cushions to your to-buy-list, or you will miss it when find it missing after a hard day’s work.

Add pictures-  Relive the memories of your past by showcasing some family pictures.

Tea tables and easy chairs-  the presence of a tea table or an easy chair will encourage you to enjoy a cup of coffee amidst the sight of a pleasant sunset.

 Old fashioned dim lighting– the addition of bell shaped lights with yellow bulbs will set the tone to a soothing ambience.    

“Because every home is a canvas where priceless memories are relived”