Why ORR is the hub of property investment

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Bangalore, has a multitude of localities that boast various kinds of services and ecosystems. In this city, the Outer Ring Road is one of the most sought after destination for commercial activities. Traditionally, the southern parts of Bangalore have been a residential hub and the outer ring road holds a crucial position due to the access it affords to and from the area. It’s a highly attractive position, boasting the presence of  45 percent of all office spaces that are established each year. This accounts for 5-6million square feet of occupied office space. The road is a prime prospect, due to the honor by association it garners through the many utilities located upon it.

The Outer Ring Road comes to mind as the first choice for office spaces for a number of reasons. The ring road was initially established as a way to address the chronic traffic problems the city faces. The ORR connects all major highways around the city and facilitates access to multiple locations due to the large area it circumscribes. The Central Business District of Bangalore is the area with a radius of 10 kilometers from Vidhan Soudha. This is the main commercial area of Bangalore. The ring road has easy access to this area on a good day with nominal traffic, as well as passing through areas like Koramangala and Whitefield. The ring road banks on this position to hold its value in the city.

Various builders and real estate developers are of the opinion that this highway holds value due to the flexibility of property prices on it over its large range. These are further compounded by the relatively stable economic situation that has been the status quo in this city in recent years. With the confidence resulting from this steady growth in the commercial sector, both global and domestic companies are pushing their boundaries and looking to expand. These range from real estate developers to private organizations.

The initial intent of the ring road’s establishment was soon outgrown by the city, however, which has led to the establishment of other partial ring roads. Other projects which are partially under way and have been touted for expansion are partial ring roads around Bengaluru as a part of the Bangalore-Mysore Infrastructure Corridor project and 3 more around the existing ring road. All these pale in comparison, however, to the integral position that the original ring road holds in the city.

Durga Petals, an upcoming property is located right on this road, and With Sarjapur, Marathahalli, Whitefield, and Hennur all around you at arm′s reach, the position is central and functional. This is considered a crucial spot on the IT corridor of Bangalore and has several specialized amenities and modifications to make it a catch that any IT oriented personnel can not afford to miss out on.


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