A Perspective on modern housing trends

There are a million types of people in this world, we have rich, the poor and the ones who aspire to be rich. Now, why am I talking about the riches & poor??? Well, the reason is Housing, its a perspective about housing through my eyes. There comes a lot of reasons to have a home, one might have it for the purpose of shelter another for maintaining his standard..we have housing from huts to bungalows.The Joy of having own house is considered to be one of the best feelings I feel !, A big fat one with all beautifully constructed, such a personal achievement!

One might have his own concepts about housing, few might go for independent houses and the rest might opt for apartments/flats. It’s a long way until you get your home ready, right from the internet to the realtor and to the final settlement, one must take utmost care in choosing the right realtor to make the entire flow hassle free. There are a lot of instances where people get frauded by realtors or have their whole project badly baffled. So the first and foremost importance have to be given in choosing the right person to rely upon.

That satisfaction after completing your first home is always priceless! it’s such a proud moment to have an investment for a lifetime. Present times has taken us to the world where individual choices and attention to detail are given the top priority. We now have interior designers to tailor according to our needs, I personally feel this is such a great change which happened in the housing evolution..we then had houses being constructed according to the engineer but now we do get the option to customize everything right from the floor to the roof.

Getting an individual house nearby your workplace may not be the easiest thing one can think of, this being one of the reasons people prefer investing in apartments/flats. They are more preferred due to the convenience and safety they offer. It’s easy to own, easy on pockets and also offers a lot of other amenities. The only tough part is to find the right apartment in the right locality and the rest is completely being taken care by the builder, also a lot of financial support from the banks linked to the builder is an added advantage as well, now this makes apartments a perfect choice for the corporates as it’s an easy process and hold good value for money.

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Bangalore homes are evolving with time

Dugra Petals - IT Corridor

In the midst of all hustle and bustle, we found ourselves a peaceful abode of Durga Petals. The place we proudly call our home. Earlier we were so occupied with traveling from one end of the city to the other that we never thought of purchasing a home. The moment we got to know about Durga Petals and found out that it is the cynosure of the IT corridor, we did not think twice before buying.
Earlier, our days used to be long, hectic and full of travel and traffic. It’s like we were always rushing, we had no family time at all.
Our office is in Bagmane Tech Park which is just adjacent to Durga Petals and it takes us just 10 mins to walk to our office, a healthy solution for us. We now have enough time for ourselves in the morning, to read the newspaper, grab a good breakfast and even pack a healthy lunch for the kids. The evenings are spent exploring malls and restaurants in and around Marathahalli. The apartment has a good connectivity to many Indian and International Schools and bus and train stations.
As the apartment is built on the Outer Ring Road (ORR) prominent localities like Domlur, Electronic city, Whitefield, Hennur, Sarjapur and other major IT hubs are at an arm’s reach.
Besides connectivity as a major component, Durga Petals homes are spacious, full of light, ventilation and a breath-taking panoramic view of the city from the balcony.
We are extremely happy and overwhelmed with our new home and we are sure we made the right decision.

Tips to Protect your Home this Monsoon

How to keep your home dry in the monsoon season #durgapetals #lifesmiles #monsoon #rain #home

Tips to Protect your Home this Monsoon

Its monsoon again and with the raindrops come gloomy days and dark clouds. The wet weather outside makes us crave the warmth and coziness of our homes.

That’s why it is all the more important to keep the inside of your home safe, warm and dry.

Below are a few tips that can help you keep your interiors dry and cozy:

  1. It is good practice to reduce the number of carpets in the house. Roll them up and cover them with plastics sheets to store them. This keeps them dry. They being highly absorbent can hold a lot of moisture inside, giving the house dampness.
  1. Best to have light solid colored lace drapes for this season. They let enough light through, don’t absorb much moisture and are much easier to clean.
  1. It’s not always possible to dry the clothes outside, but waiting for sunlight is a good idea. Drying clothes indoors should be avoided as that can make the house very humid. Tumble-drying them a little extra can help.
  1. Clothes should not be kept crumpled for long after drying. Ironing them as soon as possible makes it easier to remove the wrinkles and keeps the freshness as well.
  1. If you have wrought-iron furniture in the house, giving it a coat of anti-rust paint is important. Alternatively you can use non-scented oils to protect them from rusting.
  1. Similarly if you have wooden furniture, it needs extra polishing to make it last longer and looking new.
  1. Clothes absorb moisture too and hence its important to keep the cupboards dry to prevent any bacterial growth. Neem leaves or camphor can be used to absorb most of the moisture inside and keep the clothes dry.

Keeping the indoors dry is not only a matter of comfort but also a matter of safety. Too much moisture inside the house can lead to harmful bacterial presence in your home, which can cause a lot of discomfort. So enjoy the rains outside and the warmth inside your home.

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Why should you invest in Bangalore Real Estate ?

Bangalore has since the 90’s been touted as the IT hub of India. The city represents modern face of developed Indian economy and is also home to a large number of people who have migrated from other states to Bangalore and owing to this reason, real estate market in the city has seen a booming trend. The growing number of corporate in the city creates demand for residential real estate and makes the city as one of the best places for investments.

Let’s look at the three vital reasons which make Bangalore ideal for investment in real estate.

Growth in IT/ITES Industry creating employment opportunities: The ever growing IT/ITES sector creates job opportunities which lead to a lot of people migrating to the city. There are approximately 0.95 million people working in about 2500 IT/ITES companies in the city.The city creates over one lakh jobs annually. The working population with an average age of 28 years is educated and multi-cultural. The rising income levels, educational facilities and global exposure have raised the standard of living for this city.

Improving Infrastructure Promotes Development: The government initiative of improving infrastructures rapidly supports the real estate developments. The government of Karnataka is working towards making many corridors that support these developments. Bangalore is experiencing positive trend all over with evident development across both public and private sectors, especially in the road transport. The improvement in road network through ORR (Outer Ring Road) has changed the dynamics of the real estate market of Bangalore.

Increase in Capital Value: Mid-segment residential properties witnessed the highest appreciation in Bangalore in the past three years, says a study. In the high-end properties market, Bangalore recorded about a 40 percent average increase in capital values in the period between 2011 and beginning of 2015. In the hot property areas, Outer Ring Road tops the list.

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5 benefits of yoga in your life

Durga petals 5 benefits of yoga

The most common responses when people hear the word ‘yoga’ is ‘I always wanted to try yoga’ and ‘I could never do yoga because I can’t (insert limitation here)’.

The right response to this is always the same ‘You must always do yoga!’

It is irrelevant if you can touch your toes or not. Doing yoga has nothing to do with being flexible or strong or being able to stand still. Yoga allows every single type of person to start somewhere. Not all who practise yoga are yogis or gymnasts or dancers. Yoga enthusiasts are simple people wishing to achieve objectives such as controlling their breathing, increasing their flexibility and even finding some precious moments of peace.

Some yoga techniques are meant for seasoned yoga practitioners who push their mind and body to the limit and can be extremely taxing both physically and mentally. For example Ashtanga yoga combines strength, cardio, as well as flexibility with practises lasting 75 to 90 minutes.

Yoga has been known to bring instant joy and relief. Clear examples of people being unhappy and anxious have turned to yoga to achieve goals of satisfaction and happiness while being able to run faster, complete somersaults, hold their breath for longer than 2 minutes and being able to hold their own upper body weight using only their upper body.

Other benefits of yoga include:

  1. Drop in anxiety levels – A study in 2010 showed practising yoga three to four times a week rose levels of chemicals in the brain responsible for fighting off depression and anxiety.
  1. Less stress – An Ohio State University study showed long term yoga has benefited practitioners recovering from stressful events even quicker.
  2. More control over medical conditions caused by stress – Researchers have theorised that yoga could be effective in treating individuals with stress-related psychological and medical conditions such as anxiety and high blood pressure.
  1. Increased control of balance – Stroke, the American Heart Association’s magazine, stated yoga practised post-stroke can help improve balance and reduce fear of falling while improving the patient’s quality of life.
  1. Reduced levels of back pain – Pains in the lower back affect people of all ages. Studies show 12 weeks of yoga had an even higher effect than standard medication in patients suffering from chronic back pain.

What better encouragement for practising yoga than a dedicated space available to you at your residence. Durga Petals’ allocated area, Panchayat, is designed for yoga sessions and various workout lessons in an enclosed area within the premises. Panchayat is located along the western wall and right beside the gate to ensure yoga enthusiasts can head to work post workout.

With the benefits and location drawn out for you, what is holding you back from seeking instant physical strength and mental relaxation?

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6 reasons your commute is hurting you

ZAM_Durga_Tired Commuting Banner_09Jun15

Bengaluru’s Outer Ring Road is a daily swarm of sweat, blaring horns, heat, traffic and vehicles of every size manoeuvring gaps and green lights trying to reach offices, hospitals, schools and malls. Known at the IT Corridor of Bangalore, the ORR serves as an 8 hour stop over between long commutes for Bangaloreans travelling to and from work. Besides the financial costs, commuting eats into time we could otherwise be spending with loved ones ,creating, reading or anything else we like.

We lose more than just time and money commuting. A closer look at the high costs of commuting can help us make certain decisions like living nearer to our workplace:

  1. Stress and commuting go hand in hand


Longer commute equals higher levels of stress. The icing on this predicament is commuting being a reliable source of stress, we are forced to do it. We spend most nights thinking of the next morning’s drive to work instead of focusing on getting the much needed rest and relaxation.


  1. Disrupting sleep cycles


Unless commutes include drivers, carpooling or self-driven cars of the future, commuting specifically cuts into much needed sleep time. As one can’t sleep and drive, one needs to wake up earlier and head to bed earlier in order to take on long commutes.


  1. A lonely affair


Even while carefully negotiating masses of humans and vehicles along Outer Ring Road, the experience is lonesome. One almost never has a commute companion with which to chat with. As carpooling is not a common practise, most traverse Outer Ring Road on their own on our own. Social isolation can have disastrous effects on our health and happiness with studies showing it linking to a lack of intelligence, late development of dementia, risk of early death and a basic lack of social skills.



  • Unpleasant commute



A recent paper by Princeton University showed women found commuting in the morning to be the most unpleasant thing to do on a regular basis. Taking into consideration that one needs to do this twice a day, every single day just shows how much of an illness we have chosen to accept.


  1. Telecommuting


The general belief is that telecommuting means little or no work gets done at home. This is slowly changing with many Indian companies realising the advantages telecommuting has for productivity and the bottom line. Advantages of telecommuting include drop in equipment and infrastructure costs, high retention rates, flexible schedules, better for the environment which also results in better CSR ratings for the company as well as more family time and higher productivity.


  1. A change in perception and reception of commuting


Perception is directly related with stress. Instead of acting outwardly towards other drivers cutting in front, choosing to ignore the situation and smiling can have positive effects on one’s mental health. Succumbing to the temptation of letting other bad drivers get a hold of one’s positive outlook does nothing but add to the growing list of headaches one has to deal with through the day.


A simple and easy way of reducing your commute to and from Outer Ring Road daily is to live nearer your office. With large MNCs such as Samsung, JPMorgan and Wells Fargo having offices in the IT Corridor, it makes perfect sense for their employees to take the decision to live nearer to work. This decision serves well in the long run as you can begin and end your day with high productivity, eliminate stress and heart diseases, spend more time with loved ones and bring in better results at work. What could be better than your new home on Outer Ring Road offering you amenities that help boost productivity and make the most out of your family time?


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Why work-life balance is important for you

Work/life balance

The cost of living in a 24/7 world

Thanks to technology, people live improved and empowered lives. From healthier lives to access to unimaginable amounts of information, advancements in technology has changed the way people live their lives. These same advancements mean people are able to leave office but still get their work done on the go. Technology has helped blur the lines between work and play. When one’s boss sends an email or a text at 11 at night the employee is forced to take time out from their personal lives and answer it. It becomes unclear when they must put away the laptop or switch off the phone and make time for family, friends and hobbies.

What used to be a forty hour a week job has today evolved into a sixty hours a week job. Employees in such scenarios will start to feel stressed and less motivated to bring in results. Also while maintaining a work life balance one needs to ensure their working from home is uninterrupted.

Moderation being the key

Work-life balance means setting priorities for work and career. While today’s society and advancements in technology allow people to be more productive and efficient with their time while on the go, neglecting one’s health or lack of time spent with friends and family can be detrimental.  Spending too much time at the office or commuting makes people become less social, less efficient in general, more difficult to work with and prone to health problems such as stress and burnout.

People these days consider spending 2 to 4 hours daily commuting to and from work a necessary burden and don’t realise the harmful effects it can have both in the long and short run. A shorter commute time ensures better productivity and better work-life balance. One can achieve this by living nearer to their workplace.

When commuting affects work/life balance

An average worker’s commute to work last 25.5 minutes which is 51 minutes spent commuting a day. That adds up to 204 hours a year spent on the road. This daily back and forth is known to have negative effects on your health. Health issues are known to arise:

  • Rise in Blood sugar – driving for distances over 10 miles one way has been linked with higher blood sugar which can lead to diabetes.


  • Rise in Cholesterol levels – driving the same 10 miles daily has also been linked to rising cholesterol levels which is a sure sign for heart problems.



  • Spikes in Blood pressure – Studies done by the University of Utah showed when commuters placed in a scenario were told they were late to a meeting and had financial motivation to be there on time. Half the participants were made to travel through high density traffic while the other half travelled through a less congested environment. The commuters through more intense traffic showed higher levels of stress and high blood pressure too.



  • Regular backaches – Slouching in a bus or car seat has extremely detrimental effects on your posture and back. Daily commuters are twice as likely to report neck aches and back spasms.


  • Your sleep suffers – The Regus Work-Life Balance Index for 2012 showed people commuting for over 90 minutes daily way reported, a lower quality of sleep and higher levels of tiredness. Halving your commute will have a positive effect on your sleep patterns and help you relax and de-stress better.

Having a healthy body, mind and soul should be a top priority for anyone living in an urban setting these days. While you may be driven to achieve results, follow a plan marked out for you in your career and accomplish a lot in a very small amount of time, prioritising a work-life balance is crucial. Changing your commute and choosing to live near work is one of the best steps you can take towards staying healthy, productive and being a better friend and family member.

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The Benefits of Aluminium Formwork Technology


The recently approved real estate bill aims to maintain a high standard of construction in the Indian real estate market. Complaints targeting developers who promise dream homes for consumers but deliver buildings that are below the stated standard seem to be flooding the various communication media on a regular basis. This does not bode well for an industry whose customers and stakeholders are starting to lose confidence in them.

The industry could solve problems that affect their customers by adopting new and improved technologies that have been tried and tested globally to ensure they meet deadlines, maintain a high standard of finishing and construction and save money in the process. One such technology that should be implemented is Aluminium Formwork Technology.

A tried, tested and approved technology

Aluminium Formwork Technology has been successfully used in projects in Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and the Middle East. Comparatively new to India, this  technology is fast rising in popularity due to the ease and efficiency with which it saves the construction and real estate industry cost and time while improving the quality of the finished structure. As projects in India tend to be on a large scale with many different structures involved over a large area, aluminium formwork technology is extremely suitable for achieving quality and speed of the highest level. This system ensures faster delivery of construction projects as compared to other construction technologies.

Such a formwork is fast, simple, adaptable, extremely cost effective and unique thanks to the fact it forms all the concrete in a structure. This includes floor slabs, columns, beams, stairs, and various decorative elements featured according to the architect’s design. Efficiency is increased when the formwork is used for Reinforced Cement Concrete load bearing. The outcome is an extremely strong and durable building with excellent finishes.

What is so unique about Aluminium Formwork Technology?

There are clear cut benefits that developers stand to gain from using this technology. These are as follows –

  • Cost: Using such a formwork in load bearing designs assures an average of 15 percent cost saving in the structure of the building. This formwork also leads to an increase in usable floor space of 8 per cent over a conventional RCC design.
  • Time: Aluminium Formwork allows the project to be finished at 1/6 the time it takes using slab beam wall construction.
  • Environmentally friendly: This formwork is extremely friendly to the environment and nature as there is zero usage of timber. The formwork gives a box like design which results in the walls providing support to the superstructure in various directions. This makes the structure more resistant to earthquakes as compared to RCC column designs.
  • Lifting: The formwork being lightweight, usage of tower cranes is not required.
  • Labours: No requirement for skilled labour due to its simple assembly.
  • Repetitions: Aluminium Formwork System is removable and is reusable with minimal maintenance.

Where has Aluminium Formwork Technology been spotted globally?

This formwork has been a mainstay of most global construction projects. A commonly used technology in the Far East as well as Middle East, Aluminium Formwork Technology can be seen in the creation of the grandiose towering skyscraper of the KLCC Tower in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the HABICO tower in Vietnam, the Vinaconex in hanoi and the famous Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

It is only a matter of time before developers realise the true benefits of adopting this technology. The sooner the adoption takes place the sooner the real estate industry can begin rebuilding its reputation and instilling confidence in its customers.

For a clear demonstration of how Aluminium Formwork Technology is beneficial to building real estate structures, walk in to the Durga Petals Experience Centre on Doddenakundi, Outer Ring Road today.


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Are you a NRI looking to make a home investment in India?

NRI Investment

India is one of the largest economies in the world that provides potential buying options in real estate for NRI investors. With the rupee falling, the real estate market has opened up a lot of investment opportunities for Non-residents of India.

Not only that, if you have taken a home loan to purchase the property, you can also use the rent amount to pay off the EMIs for home loan making it feasible to own residential property in India.

According to a report on MoneyControl which quoted market expert Subhash Lakhotia saying that, if a Non-Resident Indian invests in a real-estate property today, then surely it will bring higher appreciation in the years to come and that the investment made today will not bring any regret.

Keeping this growing investment trend in mind, here is some necessary information that potential NRI investors should follow before investing in Indian real-estate.


According to report on Business Insider,

Studies indicate that NRI investments in real-estate will surge by 35% against 18% from the last fiscal year.

According to the survey conducted for the report, NRI’s are interested in premium properties that feature high-end residential complex with state of the art amenities and commercial properties.

The report also says that Bengaluru is one of the prime locations for NRI’s to make home investments.

The major reason for Bengaluru to become one of the favourite locations for owning residential property is because of its IT sector.

The other locations which are sought after are Ahmedabad, Pune, Goa and Chennai.

A large number of enquiries about properties are coming from Indians residing primarily in the Middle East, the US, Singapore, Australia, UK, Canada and South Africa.

Tips for investing in India

Understanding Market Scenario

Conduct thorough research on the economic situation in India and market rates before investing in India.

Familiarize yourself with exchange rates and taxation applicable on your home investment.

The centralization system in India, leads to steep growth of population and real estate value in the periphery of cities. Hence, buying real estate in upcoming cities, second tier cities or periphery of developed cities/metropolitan areas can lead to increased rate of return when compared to investment in developed parts of cities.

Ground checks

It is important to conduct thorough ground checks of the property.

Examine all the legal documents pertaining to the investment. There have been many cases of residential complex being built on agricultural land or on land meant for low-cost housing.  In such cases, the government has the full power to stop construction and deem the investment as illegal, irrespective of who buys the property.

Familiarize yourself with governmental acts such as Foreign Exchange Management Act and the Income-Tax Act before investing in real-estate in India.

If you are availing the help of a builder/real estate agent, you have to check his/her reputation and track record before deciding to engage him/her. These precautions will help you avoid future troubles and prevent you from becoming a victim of real estate fraud.

Understand Taxation on residential properties

Taxation depends on the kind of property you are buying. Service tax applicable for a property by a builder is 12.36% on 25% of the total price for apartments up to 2,000 square feet and 30% for bigger apartments.

Making the Purchase

After narrowing down to a property of interest, you will arrive at a price at which the sale is agreed. Make sure to draw up a sales agreement on a stamp paper which will mention the final amount, advance payment or down payment and the time limit set to pay the due amount with details of instalments.

We hope that this information was helpful enough to encourage you to make your first Indian home to be a Durga Petals home.