10 Ways in which RERA has protected the interest of homebuyers:


1. Property developer is liable for compensating the homebuyer for any loss or damage caused due to incorrect/ false statement made in the prospectus or notice of advertisement.

2. Property developer is prohibited from taking more than 10 per cent as advance from the buyers without entering into a written agreement for sale.

3. Interest payable by the property developer and the buyers in case of default to be specifically mentioned in the agreement for sale. Also, the interest rate is to be as per rates prescribed which is being benchmarked based on SBI prime lending rate.

4. Any structural alteration/ addition to the sanctioned plan to be made only after obtaining a written consent of at least 2/3rd of the buyers (other than the developer).

5. Transfer of real estate projects to third parties would now require written consent of 2/3rd of the buyers and RERA.

6. Any failure on the part of the property developer to hand over the possession of the property in accordance with the agreement for sale would empower the buyers, at their will, to withdraw from the project and demand refund of the amount paid along with prescribed interest.

7. Developer will now be responsible for fixing structural defects in the property for five years after transferring the property to the buyers. Also, such repair work needs to be completed in a prompt manner within 30 days of receipt of written complaint from the buyers.

8. Any loss caused due to defective title would have to be compensated by the developer.

9. Real estate agents will also be required to be registered under RERA.

10. Non-compliance of provisions of RERA will attract a penalty or/ and imprisonment up to a maximum of three years.

The intent of RERA is loud and clear – satisfaction of homebuyers and providing them value for their money.  The only show stopper is that the State Governments have been given the right to frame rules under RERA and notifying the RERA authorities for the respective states.  The State Governments have been extremely slow in this aspect.

Durga Petals: A Symbol of Your Achievement

lifetime achievement (1)

“Achievements First”! The defining motto that oversees everything that we do and defines everything that we are. Achievements can take many forms and complexities. It could be something as simple as starting your first exercise routine to getting a promotion at work. Regardless of the type of achievement, the inert nature of achievements is that it acts as a confidence booster and provides a learning experience no matter how simple it is. The very fabric of achievements is that they act as success enablers in our life. They are with us all the time, sitting on our shoulders as crown jewels signifying and reminding us that it’s not the last and there are miles to go.

You’re a successful professional, a winner by your own right. You’ve earned a good place in your life. All you need now is an address to match. Fostering Urban Achievers, Durga Petals is the celebration of your achievements, spread over 5 sprawling acres, finished with 8 towers. Petals are the wings to your achievements, your zeal to achieve more and an address that truly mirrors the winner in you. Situated at Marathahalli Outer Ring Road, laced with 40+ amenities, the apartment complex has up to 70 percent open spaces and is finished with various zones catering to everyone’s needs. The 2.5 and 3 BHK apartments are a true reflection of your aspirations. Designed for comfort and crafted for quality, the towering apartment complex is the first digital healthcare enabled residential complex.

With 504 success stories to the house, Petals has got all the ingredients for a bestseller compilation. Stepping away from adjustments, the residential apartment complex is, by all means, an address to your achievements. At Durga Petals we don’t just present you with keys to your home, but rather a ‘Lifetime Achievement’ award as a celebration of the milestones achieved by you.

For more information on investing in Bangalore’s booming Outer Ring Road, visit us at our Experience Centre in Doddenakundi or click on www.durgapetals.in

Digital Health Enabled Apartment Complex: A Win-Win Deal For Everyone


Finding a good apartment is difficult, but narrowing down on your dream home that is a perfectly suited environment for you and your family could be a hard task to accomplish. It’s imperative that the apartment complex is built to suit all your needs, especially healthcare needs which is the life line of your family.

Healthcare has been focussing on the administrative efficiency and the affordability of treatment for patients. wing to the need for a disruptive healthcare system, Durga’s first Digital Health Enabled Residential complex, Durga Petals provides an unprecedented view into an individual’s personal health choices and physiologic response. This care-enhancing feedback system enables patients to better manage their health, allowing for a more effective collaboration with the clinicians, all while enabling a new information-based innovation.

What Apple did with music, and Amazon did with books, Durga Petals does with the healthcare system. It establishes a highly collaborative, creative space designed to bring together unparalleled network of clinical healthcare professionals working together to make meaningful change in health through scalable and innovative technology.

Situated on the Equator of the IT corridor, Durga Petals is one of a kind residential complex. Enabled with telemedicine facilities on the go, the feature is poised to have a ground-breaking impact on the life quality of the residents regardless of their age group. Let’s understand how.

(Hypothetical situation)

Sameer Arora (39), Vice-President (Flipkart) lives with his wife Bhavna (33), son Abish (7) and father Mohan Arora (71) in a 3 BHK apartment at Durga Petals. He has migraine issues and his father is diabetic.

Relevance of Durga Petals’ Digital Healthcare System for:

Working Professionals: Owing to Sameer’s migraine issues, his physician recommends a diet and an exercise regime, but his busy life and his lack of time to schedule his appointments with his physician deteriorates his health. With the help of Petals Telemedicine Centre, his schedules are set by the telemedicine provider, medicines reach to his doorstep on time, and he gets timely notifications to get his check-ups done regularly.

Children: Abish, son of Sameer gets injured while playing with his friends one fine day, and requires first-aid assistance. The residents report the injury to the Telemedicine Centre, which arranges for medicines from a nearby medical shop prescribed by the doctors digitally, and supplies it to their home to help Abish recover sooner.

Durga Petals aims to bring technology to the rescue, scale healthcare, and improve the relationships between the triangle of professionals, institutional facilities and patients to help them bring a movement of change.

Durga Petals: – Nurturing Dreams with Passion


The untarnished nature of a petal represents a strong symbol of positivity. Spreading the essence of calm and serenity, they reflect beauty that transcends from an ordinary life. At Durga Petals, the walls are built to set you free, to nurture your growth and the surroundings you live in. A project created with the mindset of not just delivering you an apartment, but a home, a reflection of your dreams. In there, lies the fruit of realisation of aspiring for a home that’s built to revolve around you and your needs.

Located at the centre of the IT corridor, the project is amidst close proximity of IT parks, Malls, Restaurants, International Schools and Natural spaces. With over 70 percent open spaces, the project is crafted after you. Designed to cater to all your needs and at the same time to provide you with an apartment that is an exemplification of a legacy and years of industry experience in providing top class projects; the end objective, is to offer ‘People’s Projects’.

Durga Petals was the recipient of some of the prestigious awards last year, “Emerging Developer of The Year” and the “Most Admired Upcoming Luxury Project” at the Global Real Estate Brands Awards 2016 by Deccan Chronicle, PNB Housing and Silicon India Real Estate Awards Bangalore 2016.  Recognizing the quality, and the dedication that goes behind the construction of Durga Petals, a mix of timely construction, best in class amenities and the intricacy that goes behind outlining every need of yours.

Spread over 5 sprawling acres, built across 8 towers and over 40+ amenities, Durga Petals is a hall-mark of luxury and comfort, built on an understanding that your home is a long-time investment. The aluminium form work technology enables durability at the same time delivering your dream house on time.  Carefully thought out amenities like day care centre, work from home office cubicles, games room and much more is specifically designed to meet the needs of all groups from kids to senior citizens. Designed around your conception of a dream home, these amenities are built to provide you with uninterrupted recreational experience regardless of the age group. Providing you dream homes, Durga Petals is a project Crafted for You, Built for the Future.

visit us at our Experience Centre in Doddenakundi or click on www.durgapetals.in

Moving into a new house? Take a moment…


Moving into a new house could be a whirlwind of excitement and nerves! A decision that brings you extreme happiness, but also adds a tinge of confusion. Are you completely ready? Have you got all the essentials together? Is your transport and settling plan in place? These are few pointers that you need to consider before moving into your new house. Here’s a walkthrough on all the essentials your checklist needs to have: –

  • Consider moving in as a good reason to weed out all the things that you haven’t used for years, which is languishing somewhere inside your house. Getting trapped in the mindset of ‘could be a future use’, could cost your precious time and money, and may also impact the freshness and vibe of your new house.


  • Prioritize your packing, starting with the things that you seldom use and label them accordingly. This could help you save precious unpacking time and get you going before you’re finished with unloading and settling down.


  • If you’re going to use a moving company, get your estimates as soon as you can. The slots could fill up quickly, considering how everyone is clamoring for the same spot either at the beginning or at the end of the month.


  • Start saving up on newspapers, let the hoarder in you come alive! These could be used for packaging. Also, be sure to procure small boxes against big ones, this helps to avoid heavy lifting.


  • Don’t buy perishables if your moving date is near. Packing a fridge full of food could leave you in the danger zone. Be sure to empty out your fridge before transporting it to your new house.


  • Plan an email blast to all your friends, relatives and colleagues, be sure to intimate your bank and post office about the change of address.


  • Moving into a new house could be quite stressful for your kids, moving away from friends and the locality could leave an impact on them. Take a stage by stage approach in informing them about the relocation. This could help them get prepared mentally and keep them reassured.

Once you have this checklist implemented, you are good to go

Check out the latest offering from Durga properties: Durga Petals.

Outer Ring Road: – A true buyers’ choice

durgapetals  in marathahalli

The northern part of Bangalore once considered to be a sleepy town is now one of the upcoming hubs. The stretch of Outer Ring Road consists of IT parks, Malls, Hospitals, and Educational Institutions making it, a perfect package for those looking to invest in properties.

Location is one of the most attributing factors that rope in a lot of potential property buyers to this part of the town. With the road leading to the international airport, the stretch caters to various IT parks like Baghmane and Manyata to name a few.

The accessibility to Banaswadi and K.R puram railway station adds to the convenience factor of having a home at ORR. The northern part of town also dots a lot of scenic lake views such as Hebbal and Thannisandra lake. This not only provides the much-needed water resource but also a circulation of fresh air to these regions.

Unlike other regions in the city where the infrastructure cropped up post the IT boom, the northern part had a well-established infrastructure already in place before the construction of the international airport which led to an explosion of growth in this region. It’s further improvised by housing and commercial properties in this stretch.

The growth potential of the region is enormous, if you’re looking to make an investment in this part of the town look no further, the property value of this region is set to shoot up to 42 percent in the coming years, giving a true meaning to the return on investments.

Price advantage ought to get your attention when making an investment decision in this part of the town. On comparison with other regions of the city an investment in the north region is yet more feasible. But this could be a short-lived feature since there’s been a 10-15 percent expected appreciation in property surrounding the region.

Durga Petals is aptly situated on the Outer Ring Road IT corridor. A premium apartment spread over 5 sprawling acres consisting of 8 towers. Durga Petals is your one stop location if you’re looking to buy 3 bhk apartment in Bangalore in one of the hubs of northern Bangalore.

With over 40 amenities, the project is carefully designed to suit all your needs. The project is carefully designed to make your life more comfortable and provide you with a true sense of home. Durga Petals features amenities that give other project on the vicinity a serious competition.

Dawned with 70 percent open spaces there are various zones which cater to the needs of every citizen. Malgudi a section that takes your game play to the next level, featuring life size game boards, the experience is bound to trigger the kid in you. Nukkad houses a wide variety of arenas and courts such as badminton and basketball. Panchayat a zone specially designed for the senior citizens with a dedicated gazebo and chit-chat zone. Aangan a special recreation zone consisting of a swimming pool, rain dance floor, party arena and a barbeque area. Rangoli club house features top class amenities such as Gym and Spa, work from cubicles and few other effective amenities.

Exclusively designed with comforts that keep you close to the nature, Durga petals boasts all the aspects of a perfect home.

For more information on investing in Bangalore’s booming Outer Ring Road, visit us at our Experience Centre in Doddenakundi or click on www.durgapetals.in


The Benefits of Aluminium Formwork Technology


The recently approved real estate bill aims to maintain a high standard of construction in the Indian real estate market. Complaints targeting developers who promise dream homes for consumers but deliver buildings that are below the stated standard seem to be flooding the various communication media on a regular basis. This does not bode well for an industry whose customers and stakeholders are starting to lose confidence in them.

The industry could solve problems that affect their customers by adopting new and improved technologies that have been tried and tested globally to ensure they meet deadlines, maintain a high standard of finishing and construction and save money in the process. One such technology that should be implemented is Aluminium Formwork Technology.

A tried, tested and approved technology

Aluminium Formwork Technology has been successfully used in projects in Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and the Middle East. Comparatively new to India, this  technology is fast rising in popularity due to the ease and efficiency with which it saves the construction and real estate industry cost and time while improving the quality of the finished structure. As projects in India tend to be on a large scale with many different structures involved over a large area, aluminium formwork technology is extremely suitable for achieving quality and speed of the highest level. This system ensures faster delivery of construction projects as compared to other construction technologies.

Such a formwork is fast, simple, adaptable, extremely cost effective and unique thanks to the fact it forms all the concrete in a structure. This includes floor slabs, columns, beams, stairs, and various decorative elements featured according to the architect’s design. Efficiency is increased when the formwork is used for Reinforced Cement Concrete load bearing. The outcome is an extremely strong and durable building with excellent finishes.

What is so unique about Aluminium Formwork Technology?

There are clear cut benefits that developers stand to gain from using this technology. These are as follows –

  • Cost: Using such a formwork in load bearing designs assures an average of 15 percent cost saving in the structure of the building. This formwork also leads to an increase in usable floor space of 8 per cent over a conventional RCC design.
  • Time: Aluminium Formwork allows the project to be finished at 1/6 the time it takes using slab beam wall construction.
  • Environmentally friendly: This formwork is extremely friendly to the environment and nature as there is zero usage of timber. The formwork gives a box like design which results in the walls providing support to the superstructure in various directions. This makes the structure more resistant to earthquakes as compared to RCC column designs.
  • Lifting: The formwork being lightweight, usage of tower cranes is not required.
  • Labours: No requirement for skilled labour due to its simple assembly.
  • Repetitions: Aluminium Formwork System is removable and is reusable with minimal maintenance.

Where has Aluminium Formwork Technology been spotted globally?

This formwork has been a mainstay of most global construction projects. A commonly used technology in the Far East as well as Middle East, Aluminium Formwork Technology can be seen in the creation of the grandiose towering skyscraper of the KLCC Tower in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the HABICO tower in Vietnam, the Vinaconex in hanoi and the famous Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

It is only a matter of time before developers realise the true benefits of adopting this technology. The sooner the adoption takes place the sooner the real estate industry can begin rebuilding its reputation and instilling confidence in its customers.

For a clear demonstration of how Aluminium Formwork Technology is beneficial to building real estate structures, walk in to the Durga Petals Experience Centre on Doddenakundi, Outer Ring Road today.


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Akshaya Tritiya: That time of the year where one stands to benefit the most

Akshaya Tritiya

India is known to have a long list of traditions and customs that are still being practiced by people belonging to various communities.  ‘Akshaya Tritiya’ is one such occasion among many fascinating theories that Hindus believe in. It is representative of the idea of having an auspicious start for a new venture or is also known as the special time before making an important purchase. This auspicious time of the year celebrated extensively by Hindus and Jains is also commonly known as ‘shubh mahurat’ which literally means auspicious season.

Significance of Akshaya Tritiya

The word ‘Akshaya’ means never diminishing in Sanskrit and the day is believed to bring prosperity, good luck and success. The significance of this understood through the various ways in which people celebrate this day. This is also the day when people make initiations and purchase valuable items. One of the popular activities on this day is buying gold or making a home investment. Expensive items are bought on this day as the day is dedicated to support the idea of never diminishing, imperishable or eternal .

Stories about Akshaya Tritiya

If stories are anything to go by then there are many versions that attempt to origination of this day. One such story says that this day marks the beginning of ‘Satyayug ‘or the ‘Golden Age’ in the flow of human civilization. If one believes in the Puranas then this day is marked as the day when Ganesha along with Veda Vyasa began writing the great epic ‘Mahabharata’.  Another story says that this is the day when Ganga Devi or Mother Ganges descended on Earth. The story during the time of the ‘Mahabharata’ says that, when the Pandavas were in exile, Lord Krishna presented them with an ‘Akshaya Patra’ a bowl which would never go empty and would be able to produce food on demand.

Durga Petals and Akshaya Tritaya

We at Durga Petals understand the importance and the significance of this day. One of our primary objectives is to assure people the prosperity, good luck and success that is associated with this auspicious day. Hence, as a part of the process of spreading this happiness we have introduced a special ‘Akshaya Tritiya’ offer on all our bookings on the 21st April 2015. The special offer allows our customers to avail 50 grams worth of gold coins on every booking. Along with this booking offer we have also introduced the chance for our customers to exchange the coupon given to them at the North Bangalore Property Exhibition for this season IPL tickets. Let us help you make this ‘Akshaya Tritiya’ to be the beginning of a prosperous and successful year ahead.

Durga Projects salutes women on International Women’s Day 2015

Women's day

While there are some significant barriers for women to achieve the gender parity we hope for, as we celebrate 107th Annual International Women’s day on 8th March, let us celebrate some of the huge successes woman have had in last couple of decades:

1) More women Billionaires
2015 was a record breaking year for female billionaires with 197 women in 2015 rankings. In just three years, the number of female billionaires have grown by 90% in the list. This clearly shows the impact woman are having on the economy of the world. One newcomer in the list is Elizabeth Holmes, who at 31, is also the youngest self-made billionaire in the world.

Five Indian women are part of Forbes billionaires list this year. Also, six Indian women are part of the Forbes Top 50 list of “Asia’s Power Businesswoman 2015”.

2)Women Entrepreneurs
Women are becoming more and more enterprising and are responsible for lot of new job creations and economic growth in the country. There are more and more women from rural and urban areas who are becoming successful entrepreneurs breaking all caste, religion, gender and other barriers. As per statistics India’s female entrepreneurs are becoming more confident with more woman finding opportunities to start their ventures (60%).

3) Corner office for Women
More and more women are getting into C band roles compared to just few years back. At least 80% of the companies in India say they are preparing more women for senior management roles. SEBI has mandated that every listed company in India should have at least one woman board member. Majority of the financial institutions in India today are driven by women and there are several role models in pretty much every industry.

With the theme of “Make It Happen” in 2015, let’s encourage effective action for advancing and recognizing women while calling for greater equality.

“A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.”
– Diane Mariechild

Durga Petals is an upcoming project from Durga Projects in the prime location of Marathahalli Outer Ring Road, the heart of Bangalore’s IT corridor with proximity to major IT companies, educational institutes, shopping malls and more. Spread on 5 acres of land, Petals boasts of 8 luxurious sky soaring towers. And that’s not all; it has a sprawling club house and 40+ recreational amenities.

For more details on the project, please visit http://www.durgaprojects.in/petals or call+91 9019555777.