How Multiple Amenities Add More To Your Purchase .

unnamed.jpgHow Multiple Amenities Add More To Your Purchase

While not as obvious as the location and square area of a project, multiple amenities make the apartments more sought after among buyers. A property at risk of taking a free fall in value due to external, uncontrollable factors, can be sold as a more enticing purchase with multiple amenities.

Here’s how:

  • Caters to all family members

Youngsters want sporting amenities, elders need room for light exercise, and mothers expect a safe play zone for their kids. Multiple amenities like a sand playground, jogging track, and clubhouse at the premises guarantee that everyone’s expectations will be met in a satisfactory way. In return, more kinds of people would be interested in making a purchase.

  • Improves quality of living

As much as the interiors of an apartments matter, life tends to be incomplete without the added touch of luxury facilities. Buyers – no matter their lifestyle choices – want to experience a sense of class in their new home. With amenities like Indoor Basketball and Infinity Swimming Pool available within the premises, making a purchase seems to be almost irresistible!

  • Boosts community spirit

Multiple amenities are a great attraction for people who want apartments catering to their individual needs, while also providing opportunities to interact with like-minded people. Such dedicated facilities are a great space to socialize with neighbors – either with passionate newbies or seasoned enthusiasts – adding community spirit to one’s lifestyle.

  • Increases resale value

At the end of the day, even long-term buyers need to keep in mind how much their apartment will be worth a couple of years down the line. While they might not be looking to sell, there is always the option of getting a mortgage for something else. The presence of multiple amenities makes the prospect of a resale more enticing premise for other buyers.
The Bottom Line

If amenities aren’t important to one ’s lifestyle then perhaps they don’t factor into the apartment purchase. But in order to buy (and sell) smartly, we should always know how much value multiple amenities add to an apartment.

With 60+ state-of-the-art amenities like Infinity Swimming Pool, Work-From-Home Office Cubicles, Synthetic Multipurpose Court, and Putt-Golf Course among others, Durga Petals has the finest 2, 2.5 and 3 BHK luxury Apartments in Marathahalli. Our world-class facilities are designed keeping your urban aspirations in mind, and ensuring you get the most out of your purchase!


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