Luxury in the Mind of Today’s Home Buyer


Luxury in the Mind of Today’s Home Buyer

Consumer behavior is a subject that changes with evolving economic trends. Over the years these trends have brought about a considerable change in the buying patterns in India. In the case of funding, buying and several other factors; that include a choice of properties as well.  Luxury today is just another curb in the list of home requirements.

Luxury is a lifestyle in its own

Fancy fittings and elegant design no more define the word luxury anymore. It surely has also gone beyond soaring prices for a higher number of amenities as well. In today’s day and age, a luxury lifestyle simply means; living in a community that provides you with world-class amenities in a hand’s reach. Even more than that, a luxurious, fully equipped and spacious communities not only cater to a home buyer’s present needs; but also takes care of the next generation’s lifestyle requirements.

Luxury is about making the city smaller

The most sought out aspect of luxury a home buyer looks at is the luxury of proximity. Proximity from residence to workplace and from workplace to shopping malls, food joints, movie theatres, healthcare, educational institutions and all other recreational destinations. Every home buyer dreams of staying less than a stone throw away from all the action happening in the city. In short, making the city a smaller place for them to live in.

Luxury is about reducing medical emergencies

An in-house healthcare clinic does do a lot of justice to the word. It diminishes the possibility of any medical emergencies. In a city that faces constant traffic-related problems in every area, this facility can indeed prove to be a blessing in disguise. Given the number of unfortunate deaths caused in the near past. Furthermore, today health care is working towards, achieving the prevention of diseases, more than curing them after its effects. Petals believe in providing the best of care to you and your family.

Thus, luxury is introduced with a whole new definition and is evolving as a concept combined with comfort and over-the-top lifestyle. What do you think might have led to such a shift? Let us know in the comments below.Durga Petals



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