Durga Petals- The right destination to start a healthy lifestyle


In today’s day and age planning a healthy lifestyle may prove to be extremely challenging; given the number of hours, our jobs leave us with. But would it be right if we take a back seat on the idea, just cause of the time constraint? While some of us may answer in positive, there are a few of us who’d really do anything to keep up a healthy lifestyle. The predominant target audience of this blog, are few of those people who want to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Before going further, lets us understand the need for living a healthy lifestyle, then get into some specifics on how to make our lives healthy. Now that we have listed these questions, let’s try to answer them.

The need for living a healthy lifestyle

In simple words, living a healthy lifestyle helps in maintaining a balance between our mental, physical and emotional being. Furthermore, it helps in leaving a great deal of impact on our self-confidence and daily productivity as well.

Making our daily life more healthy

When you decide to consider a healthy lifestyle, the first fact you need to understand is that you are in for the long run. In other words, living healthy will require you to be ready for a long and painful commitment. Having said that, there are several types of researchers that show that the human body can easily adapt to any changes over time. Listed below are a few points you could consider, while you decide to live a healthier lifestyle.

The first step to follow is to keep a regular check on your daily health

Monthly check-ups are a strict, yes when it comes to living a healthy life. As help you in gauging multiple arrays like BMI, Blood pressure levels, heart rate and another few to name. These check-ups also help you in understanding the issues that need to be addressed if any Inside your body. More like a monthly check-up for vehicles.

Secondly, it is important to find replacements to bad elements we use in our daily life

Every one of us has been smokers and drinkers at some point in life. Maybe at parties or at weddings. Have we ever thought about the dent it leaves in our life when we inhale and smoke from our lungs? Or have we ever thought how weaker every sip of liquor, makes our kidneys and liver? If yes then consider eating or a Nutri bar instead, when you feel the urge to smoke another cigarette.

Amenities to keep you fit at Durga

Not all of us like going to a gym or even eating healthy for that matter. It is true, but that doesn’t mean you can still stay fit. Instead, just try cycling or hiking, or try joining a karate class. This way you will learn a new activity which also helps you to stay healthy.

All those points said and done, cannot be practised or followed on a daily basis. Unless you have the liberty to access them on the go, at Durga Petals we believe in promoting or supporting a healthy living and proving it on the go. With amenities such as a squash court, a Badminton court, and Basketball court, in addition to a play area and free walking spaces; we strive to pay heed to our ideology and belief.