Walk to work, a new delightful proposition!


Have you ever wondered about the precious time wasted every day, while travelling to the office? Living closer to the workplace has many advantages. You can easily avoid the menace of the traffic snarls or the discomfort of the crowded public transport. In metropolises, the problem is even more severe.

Bangalore, often referred to as the Silicon Valley of India, has been experiencing a steep increase in population since the IT boom. This influx has resulted in an increase in pressure on the transport and civic resources. To ease the traffic congestion, expansion of roads and the construction of metro are in full swing, still living close to the workspace is advisable.

Durga Petals is an opportunity to escape from the menace of the daily commute. With major tech-parks in the vicinity, you live close to your office. Every day you can save time which is otherwise wasted behind the wheel of the car or in public transport. Capitalize upon it by spending more quality time with family and friends or pursue a new hobby, etc. There are umpteen facilities inside Durga Petals’ premises where you can unwind and engage for refreshment.

Walking or cycling to office gives a healthy start to the working day. Regular walks are healthier than sedentary drives in cars or buses. Get back to home within minutes in case of an emergency or just take a break for lunch. Fresh homemade food is healthier and tastier than mundane sandwiches.

Durga Petals is a delight to every resident. Proximity to the workplace is one of the many benefits offered. Plan a visit soon and discover the other benefits.

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