Akshaya Tritiya: That time of the year where one stands to benefit the most

Akshaya Tritiya

India is known to have a long list of traditions and customs that are still being practiced by people belonging to various communities.  ‘Akshaya Tritiya’ is one such occasion among many fascinating theories that Hindus believe in. It is representative of the idea of having an auspicious start for a new venture or is also known as the special time before making an important purchase. This auspicious time of the year celebrated extensively by Hindus and Jains is also commonly known as ‘shubh mahurat’ which literally means auspicious season.

Significance of Akshaya Tritiya

The word ‘Akshaya’ means never diminishing in Sanskrit and the day is believed to bring prosperity, good luck and success. The significance of this understood through the various ways in which people celebrate this day. This is also the day when people make initiations and purchase valuable items. One of the popular activities on this day is buying gold or making a home investment. Expensive items are bought on this day as the day is dedicated to support the idea of never diminishing, imperishable or eternal .

Stories about Akshaya Tritiya

If stories are anything to go by then there are many versions that attempt to origination of this day. One such story says that this day marks the beginning of ‘Satyayug ‘or the ‘Golden Age’ in the flow of human civilization. If one believes in the Puranas then this day is marked as the day when Ganesha along with Veda Vyasa began writing the great epic ‘Mahabharata’.  Another story says that this is the day when Ganga Devi or Mother Ganges descended on Earth. The story during the time of the ‘Mahabharata’ says that, when the Pandavas were in exile, Lord Krishna presented them with an ‘Akshaya Patra’ a bowl which would never go empty and would be able to produce food on demand.

Durga Petals and Akshaya Tritaya

We at Durga Petals understand the importance and the significance of this day. One of our primary objectives is to assure people the prosperity, good luck and success that is associated with this auspicious day. Hence, as a part of the process of spreading this happiness we have introduced a special ‘Akshaya Tritiya’ offer on all our bookings on the 21st April 2015. The special offer allows our customers to avail 50 grams worth of gold coins on every booking. Along with this booking offer we have also introduced the chance for our customers to exchange the coupon given to them at the North Bangalore Property Exhibition for this season IPL tickets. Let us help you make this ‘Akshaya Tritiya’ to be the beginning of a prosperous and successful year ahead.


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