Advantages of buying a home over renting one

Are you confused, whether to buy a home or rent one instead? Think no more. This is the right time to buy a home.  Apart from the pride of owning a house, there are other reasons too why you should choose to buy a home over renting one.

Rent or Buy

Multiple Options:  With many projects to choose from, you can select the best home for yourself as per your choice of builder, locality, amenities etc.  Even with a less-than-spectacular budget, you can now own a decent home in a good neighbourhood. The process of getting home loan has become easier than before. With so many options available with various banks, you can choose the home loan that suits you best.


Investment Value:  When you pay the rent of a home, the money is basically gone forever. While buying a home involves a large initial financial expense, these expenses are recovered over time, because you build equity in your own home. Residential property in major Indian cities appreciates quite well. Home ownership is a long-term investment as well. Also, you save tax on your home loan.

The Security of Ownership: Home ownership means that it’s your own home and not somebody else’s and you can do whatever you wish to with it. In other words, you can renovate, refurbish, paint and decorate it the way you please.  In short, you can turn your residential property into a real home.

Durga Petals is an upcoming project from Durga Projects and Infrastructures Ltd. offering 2&3 BHK Home in the prime location of Marathahalli Outer Ring Road, the heart of Bangalore’s IT corridor with proximity to major IT companies, educational institutes, shopping malls and more. Spread on 5 acres of land, Petals boasts of 8 luxurious sky soaring towers with each having 13 storeys. And that’s not all; it also has a club house and 40+ recreational amenities.

For more details on the project, please visit or call +919019555777.


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