Studio Shift at Petals Experience Center.

At Durga, we strive to give our customers a new and a different kind of feel each time. We believe not just in delivering to them luxurious apartments but also experiences that they can cherish for lifetime. We truly believe in creating LIFESMILES.

As a part of this effort, we have conceptualized a center for our new project Petals, by the name Petals Experience Center. Unlike others, we believe in customer engagement and at Petals Experience Center, we conduct various events where our customers and future buyers, which is you, can have a time to remember.

In this sequence, we are giving you a chance to go on-air with RJ Sriram from Fever 104 FM.  The event is called Studio Shift.

Post for Blog

Visit us at Petals Experience Center between 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Saturday, October 11th, speak your heart and be heard. Come and make your presence felt.


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