Durga Petals : Pioneers in Construction Technology

The beauty of our business is perfection, not only on the façade but runs much deeper to the roots. Our projects have the right harmony between the needs and demands of people and the architectural concerns. We have gone into the finer details of every aspect while constructing and designing our apartments.

Apart from displaying the apartment, club house, play area and all other amenities we have gone a step further to showcase the technology that has been used in construction so that your home is not only beautiful on the face but body and soul as well. One of the technology that we are using in Durga Petals Project is Aluminium wall framework  technology that is an excellent replacement to the conventional wall technology with marked advantages of quality, time & requirement of skilled resources. It also has enhanced advantage in terms of structural stability, both on lateral movements, seismic forces and effect of wind forces on high rise building.
Some of the visible advantages of the technology are as follows:
i) Reduces the TAT (Turn around Time) by almost half as compared to the conventional technique and help achieve a slab to slab cycle of 7 to 10 days.
ii) Fundamentally with no construction joints and with free flow concrete used eliminates/greatly reduces the chances of seepage resulting in negligible maintenance.
Comparison of Aluminium Form Construction Technique over Conventional Forms:
i) More seismic resistance: The box type construction provides more seismic resistance to the structure.
ii) Increased durability:  The durability of a complete concrete structure is more than conventional brick bat masonry.
iii) Lesser number of joints:  resulting in reducing the leakages and enhancing the durability.
iv) Increased carpet area: it is increased due to sheer walls.
v)  Integral and smooth finishing of walls and slabs: Smooth finish of aluminium can be seen vividly on walls.
vi) Uniform construction: resulting in enhancing the quality and endurance.
vii) Negligible maintenance: Strong built up of concrete needs no maintenance.
viii) Faster completion: Unsurpassed construction speed can be achieved due to light weight of aluminium form.
ix) Lesser manual labour:  as the electric and plumbing work is also carried out at the casting stage itself.

We continuously work towards delivering the best to our urban achievers and literally presenting you with a ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ by providing you with a perfect home.

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